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AUA ADR Clinic

The American University of Armenia (AUA) Medaiation and Arbitration Clinic has been created by the partnership of the AUA Legal Resource Center (AUA LRC) and ADR Partners. The Mediation and Arbitration Clinical Program is based in AUA, with space allocated by the AUA LRC.

ADR Partners is the exclusive partner of AUA for mediation programs. 

In support of the Mediation and Arbitration Clinical Program, AUA LL.M. program offered an instruction in mediation. In the 2012-13 academic year, this was a 15 hour, 1-credit module, available to AUA LL.M. students as part of the 3-credit course LW 367 (Negotiation and ADR) and non-degree students or to students who had already taken LW 367 under the quarter system, as a free standing 1-credit module. 

Apart from the formal instruction through course, the Mediation and Arbitration Clinical Program had clinical training opportunities for all AUA students (law and other disciplines), which provided 10-15-hour mediation training. Training provided students with an introduction to mediation and basic negotiation techniques.  

In addition to trainings, the selected students participated in simulations, observations, research and case design, in exceptional cases students also shadowed real pro-bono mediations at ADR Partners. 

The directions of the Mediation and Arbitration Clinic are:

  • Trainings, conferences and seminars on ADR and mediation 
  • Preparation of relevant materials on mediation & research 
  • Policy making issues and legislative improvement in the sphere of mediation


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