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ADR Yearbook

ADR Partners has initiated the publication of a yearbook of legal articles. The first issue of the yearbook which will be published in 2016 is dedicated to the field of alternative dispute resolution and to issues related to the said field.


Taking into account that the field of alternative dispute resolution is relatively new in Armenia, and, in comparison to other countries and international experience, is still in the development stage, research, examination and discussion of the theoretical, practical and other issues of importance that arise in the ADR practice as well as the international practice developed in connection therewith shall greatly assist in the development and the regulation of the practice of ADR in Armenia. 


The Yearbook will also provide a significant opportunity to judges, legal experts, instructors, experienced and young lawyers as well as others operating in the legal sphere, to present their field-related experience, thoughts and recommendations in the Yearbook.


For more information about the yearbook, including the article submission procedure, requirements and editorial board, please, follow the link.