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Currently, arbitration is one of the most popular and developed methods of prejudicial alternative dispute resolution. Companies from different countries consider that arbitration is more preferable than the court.

Arbitration method of dispute resolution has several advantages compared with the judicial dispute resolution. Here are some of them:

  • less formalism of proceedings,
  • relative quickness and efficiency of the case settlement,
  • the possibility of arbitrators selection with specialized knowledge in a particular field,
  • confidentiality,
  • finality of arbitration decision,
  • the possibility of international recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York Convention of 1958.


The cost of arbitration services provided by ADR Partners is defined as follows: 1.5% of the claimed money, but not less than 50,000 AMD. The cost of arbitration services includes operations costs of ADR Partners and the fees of the sole arbitrator. In case of multiple arbitrators - for the second and each subsequent arbitrator additional cost will be plus in the amount of 1% of the claimed money.


If the parties have not chosen an arbitrator to resolve their dispute, they can request ADR Partners to appoint an arbitrator, according to its Arbitration rules. Parties are free to choose the arbitrator among the list of arbitrators of ADR Partners, as well as any other person. In the latter case arbitration fees may vary. 



The arbitral awards which were rendered in the Republic of Armenia are recognized and enforceable in accordance with 1958 New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.