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Mediation services

The initiation of either party by resorting to ADR Partners is needed to start the mediation process. After reaching consent on mediation, the parties shall execute an agreement with ADR Partners on providing mediation services. Unless otherwise agreed by parties, ADR Partners appoints a mediator according to its procedures. After appointment of the mediator and reaching an agreement, the day and time of the mediation process will be fixed. Unless otherwise agreed by parties, the mediation process will be carried out at the office of ADR Partners. 


After obtaining researching a resolution of the dispute as a result of the mediation process, parties sign a mediation agreement.


Mediation services fees are determined in two ways: hourly fee or daily fee. Parties at their will can choose hourly fee or daily fee scheme. Mediation services fees consist of the fixed payment for the first two hours, after which additional fee will be charged for each up to one hour services.


In a case of full-day mediation session the mediator must carry out the session until the end of the day, regardless of actual hours spent. Unless otherwise agreed by parties, mediation services fees shall be shared equally between the parties.


ADR Partners frequently conducts special projects, in the framework of which the mediation services fees significantly differ from the usual ones. Currently a special project is also ongoing, in the framework of which the first two hours of mediation will cost 5.000 (five thousands) AMD, and each consecutive full or partial hour - 5.000 (five thousand) AMD. More information about special projects please see here.