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Negotiation trainings

Negotiations are integral part of our daily live. We negotiate on something each day, but despite the fact that negotiations take place every day, its conduction is not an easy task.

Business negotiations are the basis of business communication, and therefore it is important to learn negotiation tactics. ADR Partners periodically holds trainings on negotiations, during which you can learn techniques of negotiation and achieve desired results. The experts of our company have been educated abroad and been trained in a number of prestigious courses on mediation, arbitration and negotiation in the United States, Italy and other countries and have extensive experience in teaching courses on alternative dispute resolution.

Negotiation training participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on the basics of negotiation, will increase the efficiency of negotiation in any situation, and will master the techniques and methods of negotiation that can afterwards help in choosing the right negotiaiton strategy. The participants will also  be able to work out their knowledge in practical exercises performed throughout the trainings. The training course includes training of group negotiations, telephone and e-mail negotiations, too.

Training course on negotiations lasts in total 10 hours.


For more information please contact ADR Partners by telephone +374 98881720 or via email