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While visiting our website, registering or using provided services it may be required from you to provide information about yourself and your business. We may collect and store information about your use of our website and the information sent to us from your e-mails.

ADR Partners LLC and its partners are the owners of the information provided on this website. We do not sell, disseminate information or grant the right of use of information to others. We may disclose such information to third parties only in the following cases:

  • if you have agreed to disclosure in writing or in electronic form;
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  • if the disclosure of information required by the RA legislation;
  • if the disclosure of information necessary to protect the legitimate rights and interests of ADR Partners LLC.

In any other case, we do not disclose personal information of the users of our website. 

In case of necessity of the use of materials, the legal owner of which is ADR Partners LLC or a third party, you must write an email to and agree the terms of use.


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