ADR Partners LLC

Mediation, Arbitration

and Alternative Dispute

Resolution Services 


Baghramyan 44, #6,

Yerevan 0019,

Republic of Armenia 


Tel: +374 98 88 1720




ADR Partners is the first company in Armenia, which provides professional mediation and other services in alternative dispute resolution field. Our mission is to promote the use of mediation and other forms of peaceful conflict resolution, facilitating the establishment of high standards of conduct for mediators, as well as the encouragement of professional development of mediation practice in Armenia.

ADR Partners experts have professional international qualifications and cooperate with leading foreign companies in mediation field, such as JAMS (US), JAMS International (London), ADR Center (Italy) etc.

ADR Partners helps to resolve disputes practically in all spheres of social life, including commercial, family, labor, corporate etc. In addition to the mediation, ADR Partners also provides other services in alternative dispute resolution field, including arbitration, case neutral evaluation and «collaborative lawyering».

ADR Partners also holds conferences, seminars, roundtables in alternative dispute resolution sphere, including programs for professional development. Our company experts conduct academic and practical courses on alternative dispute resolution in the leading Armenian universities, such as American University of Armenia, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University etc.