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Arbitration trainings

Presently when economic relations are developing at a rapid pace, the role and importance of the commercial disputes resolution methods increase. At this stage, the state courts are not able to properly resolve all disputes arising in commercial turnover. In this case there is a necessity to apply new dispute resolution mechanisms, among which an important place is occupied by arbitration.

ADR Partners provides a unique opportunity to take part in arbitration trainings, where you will learn the general provisions of arbitration and arbitral proceedings, including the concept of arbitration and principles of arbitral proceedings. Training participants will be acquainted with the terms and conditions of dealing with disputes in arbitration, jurisdiction issues in arbitration, as well as with the features of the interaction of arbitration and state courts. In addition, you will learn the specifics and advantages of arbitration and its distinctive aspects from the state courts, the procedural features of international commercial arbitration.

A key component of the training is the international commercial arbitration, where the participants will be acquainted with the legal nature of the arbitration, international and national legal sources of legal regulation of the arbitration procedural peculiarities of international commercial arbitration, including procedures for dealing in international commercial arbitration, the language of the arbitral proceedings, the rendering of the arbitral award, challenging the decision of arbitral tribunal, etc. Special attention is given to the arbitration proceedings under the laws of Armenia and England.

The experts of our company have been educated abroad and been trained in a number of prestigious courses on mediation, arbitration and negotiation in the United States, Italy and other countries and have extensive experience in teaching courses on alternative dispute resolution.

Training course on arbitration will last two months, in total 10 hours.


Module on arbitration will begin in February 2013. Applications will be accepted by January 28, 2013.

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