ADR Partners LLC

Mediation, Arbitration

and Alternative Dispute

Resolution Services 


Baghramyan 44, #6,

Yerevan 0019,

Republic of Armenia 


Tel: +374 98 88 1720



Our Principles

Being the first company in Armenia, which provides services in the field of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, we pursue the following principles:

Quality. The main objective of our company is to satisfy client needs by guaranteeing high quality mediation conduction. In its activities ADR Partners focuses on achieving maximum positive result.

Personal approach. Mediators and arbitrators of our company,  always try to find an effective individual approach which will meet the clients' needs. We create an environment that helps to resolve the conflict.

Efficiency. ADR Partners experts manage the tasks set before them in the shortest period of time.

Professionalism. Mediators and arbitrators of our company are professionals in their field with an extensive experience in the sphere of alternative dispute resolution and international practice in resolving complex conflicts. The philosophy of ADR Partners is - quality and professionalism should accompany our every action, regardless of the number and complexity of cases.

Confidentiality. Our company, mediators and arbitrators observe strict confidentiality regime during the preparation for mediation, throughout the mediation process and after its completion.

Neutrality. ADR Partners and its mediators always take a neutral position and stream to avoid prejudice towards any of the clients. In our company the corruption risk is completely excluded.