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Project for small and medium enterprises



ADR Partners in cooperation with the American University of Armenia (AUA) LL.M. Program Mediation and Arbitration Clinic (hereinafter referred to as Mediation and Arbitration Clinic) that was created by the partnership of the AUA Legal Resource Center (AUA LRC) and ADR Partners, launches a new project (“Project”), which aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with analysis of dispute resolution and governing law clauses of their signed contract or of contracts that are in the process of being signed. The Project is provided by a group of lawyers consisting of members of the Mediation and Arbitration Clinic and Young Mediators and Arbitrators Group (YMAG).




  • To provide analysis on SME contracts clauses concerning dispute resolution and governing law;
  • To provide analysis on SMEs contracts in terms of risks, omissions and deficiencies;
  • To provide advice about how to avoid further risks on dispute resolution and governing law.




  • The Project is open to SMEs, whose annual turnover does not exceed one (1) billion AMD, or those that have less than 500 employees;
  • Within the framework of the Project willingness to provide scanned and/or Word versions of the signed contracts or contracts that are at the stage of signature;
  • Willingness and active cooperation in providing information, for example, related to the peculiarities of the contract negotiation process, the party which made the first offer or other related information,
  • The contracts to be provided can only be in the following languages: Armenian, Russian, English and French.




  • For participation it is needed to send your application to the following addresses and (both are obligatory) by August 15, stating the name of your company, contact details, field of activities, number of contracts which are to be sent, name and position of the contact person, as well as names of those who will participate in the final meeting;
  • SMEs should prepare scanned and/or Word versions of not more than ten (10) contracts that are signed or are at the stage of being signed, which should be sent via e-mail;
  • SME should provide contact details (e-mail and phone number) of the person, with whom we can keep in touch and get information for the purpose of the Project;
  • After the application is accepted and the organizer contacts the applicant SME, during 10 days SME should send the scanned and/or Word versions of contracts to the following addresses and (both are obligatory);
  • The final meeting with all the participants will be held in September during which the results will be summarized, the report presented and consultation provided by sectors and individual companies.